Free Printable Monthly Calendar in Two Different Layouts

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This free printable features a monthly planner in two separate layouts, offering you a choice in how you want to organize your month!


The Monthly Calendar, Two Ways

I must admit, I’m a sucker for a pretty monthly calendar. It has to be my favourite planning tool, one I use on a daily basis. I love having a full overview of the month: the perfect snapshot of my scheduled appointments, projects, finances, etc.

When it comes to the monthly calendar, I like two layouts in particular: a classic calendar layout but in a two page spread so I have more room to write, and a one page detailed layout, where I can jot notes next to each day of the week. 

 You can grab both layouts here for free. Enjoy!


Layout Option 1: Calendar Two Page Spread

I love a classic calendar as much as the next girl, but the two page spread gives me more room to jot down notes, both at the bottom of the page, and in the day boxes as well. I added an extra notes section to the last column on the second page as well, for good measure!

      I find the extra space comes in handy when I’m using this calendar view to plan things like:



      • Keeping track of my workouts. I like jotting down whether it will be a ‘cardio day’ or ‘weights day’ in the day boxes, and then writing my routines in the last column note section on the second page


    Layout Option 2: Detailed One Page Spread

    The detailed one page spread is particularly hard to come by for some reason- I’m not sure why, since it’s a very practical, compact way to plan for the month. I love to use this layout in particular for jotting down my appointments, and for setting deadlines on special projects each month.


      • Keep track of appointments. I like having a one page layout like this when jotting down my appointments, particularly around the holiday season. The notes section at the bottom is the perfect spot for a to-do list.


      • Project Planning. I like seeing all my deadlines and milestones on one page in list format.


    The Ultimate Tracking Tool

    All in all, no matter what the layout, monthly calendars really are the ultimate tracking tool. I find having one on my desk at home, near my phone when I take calls, really does help me schedule things and remember to do them!




    Hope you enjoy using these as much as I do!

    Let me know which layout you prefer in the comments below!


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